BC 547 - General purpose NPN Transistor

The BC547 is a common used general-purpose low-power NPN transistor for amplifying or switching applications. It is typically used for low-current, medium voltage and moderate speed purposes. This transistor is popular among many hobbist and in academia, and is arguably one of the most well-known general-purpose transistors in Europe. The complementary or PNP version of the BC547 is the BC557. This general-purpose transistor is available in various packages, including the though-hole (TO-92) and surface mount (SOT-23). The surface mount device (SMD) is the BC845.

General Operation Specifications

Symbol Parameter Value Units
VCBO Collector-base Voltage 50 V
VCEO Collector-emitter Voltage 45 V
VEBO Emitter-base Voltage 6 V
IC Collector Current (DC) 100 mA
PC Collector Power Dissipation 500 mW
hFE BC547A DC Current Gain 110 ~ 220
hFE BC547B DC Current Gain 200 ~ 450
hFE BC547C DC Current Gain 420 ~ 800
TSTG Storage Temperature -65 ~ 155 °C

BC547 Datasheet:

A Fairchild Semiconductor™ datasheet for the BC547 can be found here: